Let Us Care for Your Littlest Patients: Children’s Dentistry at Our Office

Finger Lakes Family Dental offers oral care services and dental treatments for children in Painted Post, Corning, Bath, and Horseheads, New York. Dr. Maria E. Marzo and her team help parents ensure their children have healthy teeth and develop proper oral hygiene habits.

Here at our clinic, we know it is never too early to take your children to the dentist. We also know it is never too early to catch issues that might turn into something worse in the future. This is why we proudly offer children’s dentistry as part of our general family dentistry services. On this page, we will tell you everything you have ever wanted to know about children’s dentistry.

When to Visit

When should your first children’s dentistry appointment be? Believe it or not, we recommend that you come in shortly after your child turns 3 to see our dentist. That is if there are no concerns up until that time.

During your first children’s dental appointment at Finger Lakes Family Dental, we will comfort your kids by showing them around our office. We will let everyone say hello! They will also get to sit in a dental chair for a bit and look at our equipment. We will explain what everything is using fun, non-intimidating words. Lastly, we will let them experience their first dental check up and gently clean their teeth. This first visit with our dentist is sure to put your child at ease.

It’s crucial for your children to have a positive first impression of dental clinics; otherwise, it could grow into a real dental phobia. Trust that we will put our best foot forward and help make sure your children have fun on their first visit to the dentist. This way, they won’t avoid dental appointments as teens and adults.

Prevent Future Issues

Children’s dentistry is very important. It can go a long way in helping to prevent any future issues your child might have. With the use of sealants and fluoride at regular children’s dental appointments, future issues may be even less likely. As your child grows, we will keep tabs on how their teeth are shifting, moving, and developing. We will be sure to alert you of any issues. If there is anything we can do to improve their smile and future oral health, we will. When they get older, they will always know that the dentist can help them with any oral issues they might have.

Put Your Child at Ease

Want to make a lasting impression on your children so that they enjoy going to the dentist? Want them to understand how important oral health is to their overall health and development? Then call us! We are dedicated to helping all members of your family, whether they are 3 or 103. So, put them at ease with a great experience with children’s dentistry. Let us care for them as they grow and mature into happy, healthy adults. Your children will be very thankful that you chose us, first.

We are more than happy to serve patients from areas within Steuben County, including Painted Post and Corning, NY. We also happily extend our services to patients from surrounding areas such as Mansfield, PA. For any questions you may have about the dental care provided by our dentist, you may send them via our Contact page.