What To Look For in Periodontal Disease

What to Look for When Diagnosing Periodontal Disease

What would you say if I told you that 80% of people with a potentially debilitating disease do not even know they have it? What if I were to say that this disease is slowly destroying the health of their teeth and gums, leading to long term complications later in life?

The truth is, I am describing Periodontal Disease. Periodontal Disease is the leading cause of tooth loss as well as a possible link to other complications in other parts of the body. Periodontal Disease affects the bone and gums around the teeth, slowly eroding the support. It may take some time to realize you have it. So how can you determine if you might have Periodontal Disease? Let’s find out…

Am I at Risk for Periodontal Disease?

With the majority of people with Periodontal Disease being unaware of having it, it leads many to wonder whether or not they might have Periodontal Disease. Before going into some of the things you should look for, ask yourself the following…

1. Do I Maintain Good Oral Hygiene?

How often do you brush your teeth? Is it the recommended number of times? How often do you floss? What is the condition of your gums after you floss and brush your teeth? Do your gums regularly bleed? The better your dental hygiene, the less of a chance you have Periodontal Disease.

2. What Is My Diet Like?

Do you have a balanced diet? A balanced diet means that your body is getting everything it needs to work fully in supporting you. With a balanced diet comes an immune system working at peak efficiency, and a reduced risk of having Periodontal Disease.

3. How Often Do I See My Dentist?

Do you see your dentist the recommended number of times per year? If you do, and the dentist did not see anything wrong during your last visit, then there is a good chance that you do not have Periodontal Disease.

Periodontal Disease Diagnosis

If you are suffering from any of the following, then you may have Periodontal
Disease and you should see your dentist.

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease include bleeding gums, loosening of teeth, new or increased spaces between your teeth, persistent bad breath, pus around your gums, gum recession, puffy, inflamed gums, and discomfort in general.